Chinese Restaurant reviews, directions, and more.


Chinatowns are scattered throughout America and they have become popular places for tourism and commercialism. If you want authentic Chinese food, Chinatown is where you want to be with large Cantonese seafood restaurants, smaller specialized cuisine restaurants, cafes, delis and more.  Chinatown also offers an unique shopping experience with fresh food markets, street merchants, and much more. The Chinatown experience is only short trip away with Chinatowns in major cities in the US.

Guide To Chinatown

Los Angeles – Broadway Avenue, Spring Street
Oakland – Broadway, 7th Stree, Harrison Avenue, 10th Street
San Francisco – Jackson Street, Stockton Avenue

District of Columbia
Washington, D.C. – H Street

Chicago – Along Wentworth and Cermark

Las Vegas – Spring Mountain Road

New York
New York City – Chinatown Manhattan

Philadelphia – Cherry Street area

Houston – Two: One in Downtown and one along Bellaire Boulevard


Now there is only one way to get true authentic Chinese food and that is to visit China. China is vast country with many cultures within its own and many cuisines to offer you.